I took this guy when I noticed the nice light as I was starting my homework. Also, I had inadvertently set up my stuff in an aesthetically pleasing way so it looks nice I think.



I like today’s because in order to photograph this really small bud with macro, I used the reverse lens macro technique (aka taking off the lens and holding it backwards to the camera). It was a little tricky than I anticipated because the lens isn’t connected to the camera, so you have to do all of the work yourself. To focus you can only┬ámove forward and backward. Another problem was light- having the lens backwards makes light trickier. I shot with an f/8 in order to have a large enough depth of field. This I made the photo super dark until I cranked up the ISO to like 1250 and made the shutter speed relatively slow. The bud doesn’t look that small in the photo, so I included a photo for scale below.




Shot around 4:09. I have been shooting earlier and earlier if you haven’t noticed so that I don’t have the chance to over think it too much. I like this one, it isn’t perfect ( a few reflections are left in the glass) but it is 1000000x better than the original (see below). If I have time later I will try and make the background totally white rather than very faint blue. Also the bottom right corner is bothering me but I don’t want to deal with it right now.

I am still mad that you aren’t commenting.




I think this one is my official picture of the day. Even though it isn’t composed perfectly and it is ever so slightly out of focus, I really like the comforting vibe it gives off. I am really happy with this one, actually. I like the perspective and the candidness and it makes me happy to look at.DSC_7172r

I also really like this one (besides Cate’s weird face) because of the composition & the light. I like the line of the stairs in the back and I like the busyness of the setting & the wood background. I wish I had sat a few feet to the left so the perspective would be more even but what can you do. Again, it isn’t perfect but I still really like how it came out.


Here are some bonus pictures of my beautiful friends





(photocredit to Maddie on that one)